Climate Action

When it comes to climate change, buildings are part of the problem, responsible for nearly half of US greenhouse gas emissions. But we have the means now to change that. Buildings can be part of the solution today.

At NK Architects we believe that the best way to create buildings of lasting value for our clients is to combine great design with high performance Passive House engineering. This approach delivers a superior product: buildings of unmatched health, comfort, and durability; buildings that use so little energy that they can become producers of energy with a bit of onsite solar; buildings that are good for people, planet, and profit.

Climate scientists tell us that we need to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the next few decades to keep global warming to under two degrees Celsius. No small feat. But the globe is awakening to the need for action and new cause for hope has emerged. The cost of action is in freefall, driven by innovation in everything from solar panels and wind turbines to batteries and electric vehicles to building technology. Passive House design is part of this wave of innovation.

Ultimately, climate security means fossil fuel demand destruction. Buildings are the biggest driver of energy demand in our economies today. By reducing this demand through the transformational energy efficiency of Passive House we are helping to strand fossil fuels safely in the ground: building as climate action.