Great Design

“The first principle of architectural beauty is that the essential lines of a construction be determined by a perfect appropriateness to its use.”
– Gustave Eiffel

Dedication to great design drives our work at NK. Great design is multifaceted. It honors simplicity, understanding that the best designs are economical in form and gesture. It honors function, expressing the programmatic and performance imperatives of a building. It honors client goals, understanding that great design is a successful response to the needs of program and budget. It is experiential, understanding that great design is about more than architecture as object, but also about architecture as an experience of air, light, touch, and connection with outside. And it is contextual, understanding and responding to the buildings, urban fabric, and patterns of community life surrounding any given site.

Great design is also the most fundamental definition of sustainable design, because by creating buildings that people care about and will care for, we create buildings that will last. When we combine great design with high performance building engineering, we also create great buildings that provide lasting value to our clients.