Our Approach

Our goal is to design projects that provide lasting value to our clients. We believe that the best way to provide this value is to combine great design with high performance building. Through thoughtful Passive House architecture we create places that are delightful and enduring: buildings of fresh air and light, comfort, and ultra-efficiency.

We approach each project with a keen understanding of the numbers. Whether running a financial analysis to determine project feasibility or an energy analysis to optimize building performance, we understand that spreadsheets are as important as sketchpads. Developers and landowners seek us out for our skill at maximizing a site’s development potential, for our ability to deliver superior building performance, and for our success at guiding projects through the development process.

While the high performance approach to design most immediately benefits building owners and building occupants, it also benefits our planet and its climate future. Modern building science enables us to cost-effectively deliver great buildings that use just 25% the energy of conventional structures. Design for a sustainable future.