Working at NK

NK Architects are evangelists for urbanity. We believe that dense, vibrant, urban environments are not only stimulating but they also afford us the best opportunity to live in harmony with our environment.  We seek to maximize the density of urban sites without apology, but we also strongly believe that density must be paired with livable, attractive design to be most successful. Our practice is informed by data and analysis, and it is grounded in simplicity and clarity. Currently our work is focused on urban mid-rise and low-rise housing and mixed use projects.

NK is a growing firm of 28 people with staff in Seattle, Pittsburgh, and Washington DC. We are looking for talented, hard-working people, but we are also looking for people that can succeed here and who can contribute to the success of the firm. To that end, it is important that job applicants understand the following:

  • Our client’s success is our success: we are focused on successful outcomes for our clients. If a project is over budget, is delivered late, and has a lack-luster economic performance for our clients, it is not a success for us regardless of how pretty it is.
  • Growth and change: we are a growing firm with a culture of continuous improvement.   Our tools, systems and training are constantly being refined and developed. We need people who embrace change and that are capable of recognizing a need for improvement and identifying how to accomplish that improvement.
  • Systematic thinking: our approach to practice includes both innovation and repetition. We need people who can integrate themselves into the way we do things, who think systematically, and who can help develop patterns and systems, so that we are freed to spend more time on innovation.
  • Ownership and self-direction: the success of our projects depends upon our staff assuming responsibility from the start. You will be thrown into the deep end of the pool and asked to swim.  For the right person, this is a tremendous learning opportunity.
  • Flexibility and range: we need people that are interested in and capable of working on all aspects of the practice of architecture. Project roles and responsibilities are fluid, so you must also be willing to perform tasks that span beyond a rigid definition of your role.
  • Speed and agility: our projects are complex, and they typically have fast schedules. You should expect to have to work quickly and efficiently, and you will have to manage a lot of complex information and decisions.
  • The best idea wins: at NK, we pursue the best idea, regardless of whose idea it is. This means you must be bold enough to offer your ideas and humble enough to accept the ideas of others.
  • Ambition and opportunity: we believe that professional growth and self-motivation is inherent to success. We expect our employees to be inquisitive, excited about learning new skills and facing new challenges, and eager to take on greater responsibility. For those ready to take on greater responsibility and continue to learn, there are opportunities for advancement within NK.
  • Ecological concern: we are passionate about designing buildings that minimize their negative impacts and maximize their positive impacts on the world around them.  We are looking for people that share that passion.

If you would like to submit your qualifications for our records, please email a detailed resume and cover letter to