RDG Building Move


CLIENT: Roosevelt Development Group
GSF: 13,197
UNITS: 4 new units, 8 existing units
PARKING: 10 spaces
CONSTRUCTION VALUE: $1.6 million (not including the cost of relocation)
CONTRACTOR: Roosevelt Development Group
PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS: Relocation of existing townhomes

To clear the future site of Sound Transit’s Roosevelt light rail station, NK worked in collaboration with the Roosevelt Development Group and Nickel Bros. to relocate four existing townhouses with two units in each. NK developed the site plan, navigated the permitting process, and designed four new ground floor units to serve as the foundations for the transplanted townhouses, creating a total of 12 housing units. There is also a single-family home on the site, which is slated for future renovation and added a degree of complexity to the site plan. By moving the four structures just a few blocks from their original site, an estimated 320 tons of construction materials were diverted from area landfills, and more housing density was added near a future transit hub.