Energy Master Planning

Building owners should get buildings that perform as promised. We combine certified Passive House expertise, energy modeling, and collaborative project management to empower project teams to hit energy performance targets. We work directly with owners to clarify and establish their energy goals and then ensure that teams implement the building envelope details and mechanical systems necessary to reach those goals.

In our experience, the Passive House approach to design and construction is the most predictable path to superior building performance. It is a holistic approach, built on a firm foundation of building science – our physics-based understanding of how buildings function as systems. This science dictates airtight envelopes, healthy insulation layers, constant ventilation, and smaller HVAC equipment, all working together in an integrated whole.

While Passive House design can be simple, the science that underpins high performance building is complex. Equipped with PHPP planning software and THERM and Wufi modeling, we will guide your project team through the process and ensure that your high performance building is durable and cost-effective.