NK Projects Recognized at the National Passive House Conference

Joe Giampietro, our resident Passive House expert, recently traveled to the National Passive House Conference (NPHC) in San Francisco. There he attended presentations on the future of the green building industry and previewed inspiring Passive House projects including commercial and institutional buildings and multifamily and single family homes. In particular, Sam Rashkin, chief architect for the US Department of Energy outlined new initiatives to make net zero ready homes the future standard of building quality, citing that homes should "live better, work better, and last better." 


At the event NK's Passive House efforts were applauded within Green Building & Design, the NPHC's official publication. An interview with Founding Principal, Brandon Nicholson on H20 Apartments alongside an impressive feature on Park Passive was included.

Click here to learn more about the presentations at NPHC.