The Eco Proforma: Building Net Zero Projects that Pencil

We recently assembled an intimate group of Seattle’s green building industry leaders – city officials, developers and energy modelers – to spark a conversation on combining environmentally conscious building with a development proforma that pencils. Held at our office, attendees of the breakfast event discussed the opportunities and hurdles of building net zero energy ready and Passive House buildings. The group covered various aspects of these standards including financial feasibility, buyer/tenant demand, marketing, financing and incentives, and immediate savings realization. Led by our CEO, Tim Weyand, the insightful conversation generated a robust dialogue about not only creating future energy standards, but methods of influence to move the industry toward building higher performing cost-efficient buildings today.

Key takeaways from our discussion included the need for:

  • Further industry collaboration to promote methods that make building to net zero the new normal.
  • Code changes that focus on building performance to encourage education and innovation.
  • A strategy to make these methods more financially feasible, including better, more significant incentives.
  • A shift in marketing dialogue to emphasize health, happiness and community to educate the market on why net zero and Passive House buildings are important.

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