Windermere Educates Clients on Net-Zero and Passive House Standards

To move the needle toward building higher performing cost-efficient projects, Seattle’s building industry will not only need to follow better energy standards, but implement greater methods of cross-market influence. That’s why we were excited to see that a leading voice in Seattle’s real estate market has taken notice of net-zero and Passive House building standards. Windermere Real Estate, one of the city’s largest real estate companies, recently featured the benefits of building to these standards in a broadly distributed client/broker newsletter.

To achieve better building standards that emphasize energy reduction, the city’s leading industry influencers will need to dedicate themselves to creating market demand through education, collaboration and benefits oriented messages that demonstrate the significant improvements to health, happiness and community these premium energy standards bring.

Windermere’s net-zero and Passive House spotlight is a great example of this type of collaboration and education. This coupled with future code changes and potential financial incentives could lead to a shift in perception and reality, making net-zero ready and Passive House construction the new standard for buildings in Seattle.

Attendees of our Eco Proforma breakfast event held last month discussed the topic. Read about our key takeaways here.

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