Press Mentions

Brian Miller, Daily Journal of Commerce 01.12.17

This Lower Queen Anne apartment complex has ‘passive house’ design

Squeezed between the Sienna condominium and a Diamond parking lot, A&A Printing has operated at 320 Queen Anne Ave. N. for 38 years.

The 7,200-square-foot site was acquired by the Matni family in 1992 for $438,000, with a two-story building that was constructed in 1957.

The Matni family is now proposing to demolish the existing structure and build a seven-story apartment building with 59 units and four parking spaces above grade. Three units will be live-work spaces facing Queen Anne. Parking will be accessed from the alley to the east.

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Daily Journal of Commerce 01.11.17

NK adds Davison, Peretti and Lawless to team

In Seattle, NK Architects hired Justin Lawless, Briana Peretti and Suzi Davison as staff architects.

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Daily Journal of Commerce 12.14.16

Ford,Griffith, Swisher and Koch Join NK's Pittsburgh Team

In Pittsburgh, NK Architects hired Marc Ford as a senior project manager, Rebecca Griffith as a project architect, Alyssa Swisher as a staff architect and Diane Koch as office manager.

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Daily Journal of Commerce 11.02.16

Passive House NW event is November 18; Zack Semke to Keynote

Passive House Northwest will hold a conference from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Nov. 18 at Red Lion Inn at the Park in Spokane.

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Tim Weyand, NK Architects, Daily Journal of Commerce 10.27.16

Is Passive House the solution to our climate crisis?

The message from scientists is clear: The planet is on a finite greenhouse gas budget and the longer we wait to reduce emissions, the faster we’ll have to reduce later to avoid catastrophic climate change. Time is of the essence.

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Lloyd Alter, treehugger 10.24.16

What’s a Passive House? Here’s a good simple explanation

What is a a Passive House? One critic of Passive House design called it “a single metric ego driven enterprise that satisfies the architect's need for checking boxes, and the energy nerd's obsession with BTUs.” But over at Curbed, Barbara Eldridge writes a terrific explanation of what Passive House construction is, and not once mentions BTUs or CFM or ACH or HRV. This is difficult, since so many Passive House people actually are energy nerds. And while Passive House is very much a process, what matters to the public are the end results.

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Mark Stiles, Daily Journal of Commerce 09.21.16

This Seattle architecture firm is aggressively passive

Seattle architecture firm Nicholson Kovalchick is all in on "passive house" design, an ultra-green building technique.

The firm is challenging the mindset here and elsewhere in the United States that passive house design is for boutique-scale projects by showing that it's possible to design and build big passive house commercial projects.

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Mark Stiles, Daily Journal of Commerce 08.23.16

Ambitious Green Building Project on Capitol Hill Comes with a Seattle First

Nicholson Kovalchick Architects is out to prove that even in cloudy Seattle you can build a 20-unit apartment project that uses only as much energy as the development's solar panels produce.

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Benjamin Minnick, Daily Journal of Commerce 08.10.16

Experiment on Capitol Hill: Old house, new apartments, net-zero energy design

The husband and wife team that founded NK Architects — Brandon Nicholson and Shanna Kovalchick — are doing an “experiment” on Capitol Hill: combining an old house with a new apartment building that they hope will be a net zero user of energy.

The project is at 11th Avenue East and East Republication Street. Nicholson said they bought the house and its 6,000-square-foot corner lot five years ago, and have been renting it out.

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Daily Journal of Commerce 07.20.16

Kurt Wong and Peggy Heim Join the Team

NK Architects hired Kurt Wong as business manager and Peggy Heim as a project manager.

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