Kirkland V

Client: BDR Homes
Home 1: 2,710sf
Home 2: 3,200sf
Home 3: 2,810sf
Home 4: 4,215sf
Expected Completion: 2018
Location: Kirkland, WA


The four homes at Kirkland V optimize a compact site to create generous indoor and outdoor living spaces with sweeping views of Lake Washington. The siting and design of the homes of Kirkland V maximize available buildable area and take advantage of sloped driveways to fit three levels within a 25’ height limit. Each home is 3-bedroom, with a den, roof decks, outdoor room, and excellent views. Creative use of bay windows and porches add articulation to the homes’ exteriors. The project team is protecting a significant cherry tree on site, preserving it through a very dry 2017 summer season and throughout construction.