Ravenna North

Client: Intracorp
Units: 87 three-story townhouses
GSF: 169,950
Expected Completion: 2020
Location: Seattle, WA

Project Highlight

Parklike, pedestrian-oriented community.


The 87 townhouses of Ravenna North will be nestled into a parklike, pedestrian-oriented community. Located just downhill from Lake City Way, the site offers easy access to transit and surrounding neighborhoods. To negotiate this hilly topography, the design incorporates the wooded slope adjacent to the highway into a site plan that emphasizes urban forests, generously landscaped gathering spaces, sunken bio-retention planters, and a heavily-planted, whimsical retaining wall. To meet the zone’s 30’ height limit while spanning grade differentials, NK’s design team carefully molded building and roof forms. Most units include 3 bedrooms and average 1,940 square feet in size.