Client: DB2
Units: 8 townhomes, plus 1 live/work and 1 renovated office building
GSF: 13,120
Contractor: DB2
Completed: 3 phases, 2007—2010
Location: Seattle, WA

Energy Performance

LEED-H Platinum and Built Green 5-Star for 4 Townhomes in Phase 2.


Salveo is a residential project on a site adjacent to sensitive wildlife habitat in the Magnolia neighborhood. NK took a single-family house, parking lot and run-down commercial building and created a cluster of residences and renovated two-story office space. While preserving open space and the existing tree canopy, the design incorporates several sustainable design strategies including photovoltaic panels, evacuated tube arrays, permeable pavers and energy-efficient lighting. Clean lines provide a modern aesthetic that blends with nearby homes. NK collaborated closely with the neighborhood association to assuage concerns by providing information throughout the process and creating a project that obtained community approval. Salveo was the first net-metered townhouse site in Seattle.